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Feature Films

Am Ende kommen Touristen (And Along Come Tourists) (Germany, 2007, directed by Robert Thalheim)


Der Rat der Götter (The Council of the Gods) (GDR, 1950, directed by Kurt Maetzig)


La Tregua (The Truce) (Italy/Germany/Switzerland, 1997, directed by Francesco Rosi)


Väter und Söhne – Eine deutsche Tragödie (Sins of the Fathers) (FRG/Italy, 1986, directed by Bernhard Sinkel)




A round trip to hell – with Benny Grünfeld to Auschwitz (Sweden, 1996, directed by Olle Häger)

Escape from Auschwitz. A portrait of a friendship (USA 2001, directed by Josh Springer)

I was a Slave Labourer (UK, 1998, directed by Luke Holland)

Monowitz. Ein Tatort (Germany/Poland/Italy, 2002, directed by Alfred Jungraithmayr)

Satan at his best (UK, 1995, directed by Maurice Hatton)