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Opening of the Wollheim Memorial

Professor Rudolf Steinberg, President of the Goethe University'© Jessica Schäfer
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Professor Rudolf Steinberg, President of the Goethe University
© Jessica Schäfer

The Norbert Wollheim Memorial was officially opened in a ceremony held on November 2, 2008.


Numerous guests from Germany and abroad had traveled to Frankfurt: Besides the individuals whose work and financial support had contributed so significantly to the realization of the memorial, those accepting the university’s invitation included representatives of the Federal State of Hesse, the City of Frankfurt, the Claims Conference and the Jewish community. The children and one grandson of Norbert Wollheim came from the United States.


Speeches and welcoming addresses highlighted various aspects of the memorial, the history of its origins, its hoped-for effect, and its trend-setting design.


Numerous survivors of the Buna/Monowitz concentration camp, accompanied by their family members, also came to Frankfurt from every corner of the world to attend the event, see one another, and pass on their experiences to school classes.

(SP; transl. KL)