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Video Library, Library, and Archive

© Heiner Blum
© Heiner Blum

Contemporary Witness Videos

The uncut recordings of the interviews conducted for the Memorial are available in their entirety for research purposes in the Archive of the Fritz Bauer Institute and at the work station of the Norbert Wollheim Memorial in the Library Center for the Humanities (Bibliothekszentrum Geisteswissenschaften) at the Goethe University.

Around 70 oral-history videos featuring contemporary witnesses that were made for other interview projects, in particular the Visual History Archive, are available for use in the Fritz Bauer Institute.


Special Library

The special library housed in the Fritz Bauer Institute is available for use upon completion of a registration process. It covers this range of topics:

•  Published and unpublished survivor accounts by former Buna/Monowitz prisoners

•  Scholarly publications on the following topics:

    –  History of I.G. Farben

    –  Political and legal conflicts regarding

    compensation for slave labor

    –  Holocaust: commemoration, transmission,

    bearing witness



Copies or digitalized copies of the most important trial records of the postwar trials of I.G. Farben can be used after completing a registration process:

•  Records and audio tapes of the I.G. Farben Trial in Nuremberg (Case VI)

•  Documentation and records from the Wollheim lawsuit

•  Records of the I.G. Farben Industry Foundation


The library and archive are available for use by arrangement with the Fritz Bauer Institute or after consultation with the supervisor in the Library Center for the Humanities (Bibliothekszentrum Geisteswissenschaften).



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