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Educational Offerings and Guided Tours at the Memorial

Seminars and workshops can be held in the'Wollheim Pavilion'© Eva & Artur Holling
Seminars and workshops can be held in the
Wollheim Pavilion
© Eva & Artur Holling
Students in front of Joseph Spring’s photo panel in the park adjoining the I.G. Farben Building'© Jessica Schäfer
Students in front of Joseph Spring’s photo panel in the park adjoining the I.G. Farben Building
© Jessica Schäfer

The educational offerings continue the concept of the memorial, which links the history of events on three chronological levels—the prewar period, the era of National Socialism, and the postwar period—with the oral-history interviews of the survivors. The memorial is presented as an art installation, in conjunction with the I.G. Farben Building, and it provides an occasion for learning about historical and political processes and events.

The guided tours and study days were developed by the Fritz Bauer Institute. They are expressly intended not only for schools, but also for university students and adults.


Overview Tour:
“The I.G. Farben Building and
the Norbert Wollheim Memorial”

Significance of the building in terms of architectural history; history of the firm; Norbert Wollheim Memorial, including the topics of forced labor and compensation.
Cost of the tour: 50,00 Euro

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Study Day:
“Perspectives on I.G. Auschwitz

The group works with contemporary witness interviews and with materials on the history of events. The result is a quintessential overview of the history of industry under National Socialism, forced labor, and compensation, based on the accounts of survivors.

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