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Biographies of SS Men at the Buna/Monowitz Concentration Camp

The Buna/Monowitz concentration camp was managed and guarded by the SS, and it was the SS that “hired out” the concentration camp prisoners to I.G. Farben for forced labor on the plant grounds of I.G. Auschwitz. The SS men’s power over the life and death of the inmates extended to every area of daily life in the camp. Nevertheless, only a small number of the SS men serving in the Buna/Monowitz concentration camp were called to account before the courts in the postwar period: among them were the camp commandant of Auschwitz III, Heinrich Schwarz; the roll-call leader (Rapportführer) of Buna/Monowitz, Bernhard Rakers; the SS physician Dr. Horst Fischer; and the SS medical orderly Gerhard Neubert.



Bernhard Rakers (1905–1980)


Horst Fischer (1912-1966)